Linus Lewandowski

Full-stack software engineer focused on making good things.

making: gathering requirements, designing, developing, deploying

good: correct, predictable, user-friendly, secure, performant, maintainable

things: solutions to real problems

Recent Experience

2020 - now

Freelance Python/TypeScript Developer

Built a point-of-sale app for a chain of stores. [Vite, TypeScript, RxJS, Firestore]

Built a bookkeeping system for a non-gonvermental organization. [Python]

Built a loans, bonds and derivatives valuation verification tool for one of the largest bank-depositaries in Poland. [Python]


Senior Python Developer at Netguru

Built a RESTful backend for a mobile app. [Python, Django, Postgres]

Performed security reviews of multiple client's websites, including a bank.


Python Developer / DevOps Engineer at Opera TV / Vewd

Migrated all company's apps to Kubernetes on AWS. [Kubernetes, AWS, Docker, GitLab, Go]

Built a new end-user auth system, unifying auth across all company's products. [Python, Django]

Social Impact

2020 - now

Leader of Homokomando

Took a break from full-time software engineering work to found an LGBT+ activist association.

Leading a team of ~30 volunteers, made a major impact on the fight for LGBT+ rights in Poland.


I can learn any language/framework/tool to a proficient level in up to a month - so I'm choosing the one best suited for the job.

I have experience writing in TypeScript, Python, Go, C++; using relational (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite) and non-relational databases (Firestore, Cassandra); using Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud and Heroku.